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Social media optimization (SMO) is the use of a number of social media outlets and communities to generate publicity to increase the awareness of a product, service brand or event. The goal of SMO is to tactically create appealing online content, ranging from well-written text to striking digital photos or video clips that encourages and entices people to engage with a website and then share this content, through its weblink, with their social media contacts and friends.


We help your business to be there within the eyeshot of your prospect clients, in a way it doesn't look "saley". We wrap the product/services around engaging content and amplifying it to the target audience.


Our Social Media strategy helped all our customers to accelerate growth and got their chunk of social space via social media advertising.


It's all about creating engaging content, which directly or indirectly promote your offerings via Social media.

WTS employs a strategic, multi-point process to build your successful SMO foundation, boost your SEO, and drive more potential customers to your site.

Organic Seo

Is your business making the most out of the Internet? Now assume you are looking for a consultant/vendor/partner/ agency in India, the first thing you will do is Search on the Internet. While searching you will come across long tail of results, but you will limit yourself to the first, second or say maximum the third page of search result to shortlist 3-4 consultants and begin a dialogue with them to find right one. This is how the companies in India get business. Now imagine if this consultant was not listed on top rankings, he would have lost out on the opportunity to work with you. We at WTS offer Google Optimization services at very reasonable prices. We have best SEO and have delivered results for many small and medium businesses at the regional and global stage. Our SEO Marketing / search engine promotion process is simple and flawless and ensures top listings for your website on major Search Engines including Yahoo search Marketing, MSN search Marketing and Google Optimization.


Our executive applies the latest SEO techniques which can increase the search engine rank and website traffic of your website. The expertise which our technical and copywriting team holds enables us to successfully meet the goals of our customers, even in competitive industries.

Our SEO services make your content smart among the rest of the pack and run ahead to reach the top of the SERPs. We help you create a strong online presence with our on page and off page optimization services and make the way for your customers to your website and industry-specific vertical search engines to help you get LEAD GENERATION, BRAND VISIBILITY, INCREASE TRAFFIC INCREASE SALES CONVERSION OPTIMIZATION.

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In today’s competitive market it is an arduous process for brands, companies or a public figure to connect and have a greater reach with the audience.

Online reputation management is one such technique to improve or create a good reputation.

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is a public relations term, which basically is related to reputation on the internet or in the digital platform.

ORM is an important strategy to increase the ratings and business profits of the company/product/public figure. One of the most important benefits of ORM is that you stay connected with the customers; this helps you to know the customer demands and their feedbacks.

You learn from your mistakes and with a good reach to the customer, you can improve and mitigate such mistakes.

The Wtscomnet team is well trained and skilled to handle any type of problem, they focus on building the good name of the organization and its reputation in the industry. With the knowledge of the best practices used in ORM, Wtscomnet will help you shape a good public perception.

ORM through Wtscomnet will enable you to monitor your customer feedback and react quickly to one’s harming your reputation.

The Wtscomnet has years of experience in this niche and has given best results ensuring the customer satisfaction.


ASO meaning “app store optimization”, in simple words it is used to elevate the app rankings in the search results of the app store.

Higher rankings of the app will increase the visibility of the app and subsequently will get a number of downloads.

Higher the rank in the search results of the app store higher the chances of the app is visible to the customer.

Higher visibility brings huge traffic to the app and so the chances of acquiring the potential customer increases.

Marketers and marketing companies accede to the fact that higher ranking will increase the conversion rate.

Wtscomnet has specialized expertise in this field, as the ASO field is growing, diligent and skilled techniques are to be used.

The ASO marketers of Wtscomnet will use the best practices and method to attain the desired needs of the client. The visibility depends on or can be increased by modifying the App Title, Keyword and App description. Or even adding videos and screenshots can make your work easy to get the desired downloads.

The Wtscomnet team will consider all the factors to make your app visible, research and analyze the available options will give the best results. Wtscomnet is and has been a reputed service provider with excellent customer satisfaction.

IVR Marketing

With a sky-high rise in the level of competition, each and every business has to adapt itself to maintain their position.

The prime requisite of a successful business or a venture is a productive and healthy customer relation. A good customer relation can only be established and maintain when a customer can easily reach out for support in case of need. That’s where the Interactive Voice Response comes into play.

An IVR is an automated system that interacts with the caller by utilizing pre-recorded voice messages for suitable circumstances to gather customer information and log their complaints or grievances.

An IVR system operates 24x7 and thus is vital for any public relations department of a business.

The IVR or any toll-free number provided by Wtscomnet is a viable addition to your business. These numbers can be easily used to generate or create new leads that reach out to another number and at the same time serves the customer efficiently and appropriately.

Wtscomnet is well-skilled in providing business solutions that are perfectly crafted to suit your venture and ensures to deliver results that will benefit your business.

Reach out to Wtscomnet today to prosper.

Video Marketing

There is no denying to the fact that video based content are the next best thing in the market for providing information.

A large fraction of audience prefers audio-video based information over the basic customary text. With the advancement in tech fields, a large number of video hosting platforms are established that provide content to billions of people worldwide.

Marketing and promoting your business on such platforms is thus a great way for expanding your business.

And for this, the video marketing services provided by Wtscomnet is sure to come in handy.

Video marketing is basically using video-based content to promote or provide a service to your customers or target audience. Videos based information’s are the best way to improve search engine optimization and thus is a shotgun approach for reaching out to people.

Wtscomnet helps you to design your own video marketing campaign from performing market research to selecting production companies everything is handled by them. These services provided by Wtscomnet will help you decide what you want your audience to hear, see, feel and can also be utilized to create customer testimonials and troubleshooting videos. So reach out for Wtscomnet today to get a head start in the competition.

Mobile Marketing

The basic technology has been revolutionized in the last decade and with that revolutionized the means of marketing.

Whatsup, E-mail or SMS Marketing is one of the best practices for making your business a successful one. If you can get this strategy right, it could be one of the best tools in your arsenal. Do a due diligence on any successful business, email or text marketing is always used by them.

Wtscomnet provides great tools for email and bulk marketing that will surely help your venture to grow and stand out from other competitions.

The recent surge in the mobile phones use and the activities related to them has granted a great opportunity for marketing your business via them. A majority of the population uses mobile phones to connect to their friends by using text messages. These people are actively engaged with the text messages they receive. Using Email or SMS allows you to send automated messages at the right time to your customers or audience. Though a bit rudimentary in action, email or SMS marketing still holds a good ground in the market and thus, a properly planned marketing strategy by Wtscomnet will help reach your business sky high in stature.